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Belgian Barrels - The Movie ACTOR4

Belgian Barrels - The Movie ACTOR4

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The current NFT allows its owner to participate in the ’Belgian Barrels’ movie, a professional production currently being recorded in Belgium. The movie 'Based on a series of true stories' plays in the 1920's and is set to eternalize near forgotten stories around Belgian Beer history. The current NFT is unique and only eleven (11) movie roles are made available to the public. This NFT also comes with Belgian Barrels Alliance (BBA) membership privileges including - whitelisting for VIP access to BBA events - access to vintage beer menus and exclusive bottles at BBA clubs BBA membership privileges must be claimed via Eighty percent (80%) of the revenue generated from the initial NFT sale is donated to a local charity in Belgium. Info and evidences can be requested via or WhatsApp +32485936863

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