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About Zeromint
What is Zeromint

What is Zeromint?

We are a new breed of NFT marketplace, with an environment-first approach and a focus on user experience for all.

We provide optionalityin how NFTs are auctioned, sold, and dropped, permitting new distribution models that were previously impossible – expanding the NFT experience to a much larger set of fans and collectors.

Why We Built Zeromint

Why We Built Zeromint

We believe firmly that if we solve the environmental, speed, cost, and ease of use problems found on traditional platforms, we will enable the growth of the overall NFT market, accelerate adoption, and wildly increase the flexibility to unleash artist and organizational creativity.

Zeromint Carbon Footprint

Near-zero minting CARBON FOOTPRINT

Crypto mining is nothing short of an environmental disaster. Bitcoin mining could power the entire country of Argentina. This is why Zeromint chose to run on the GoChain blockchain network, which utilizes a unique consensus algorithm that uses near-zero power, but results in equal or better security.

Ethereum Power Usage
Zeromint Minting Costs

Near-zero Minting Costs

Low minting costs allow creators to get hyper-creative in their distribution plans. Giving "free" drops to concerts, festivals, sporting events, or online events are an excellent strategy to get royalty-building commemorative NFTs into circulation, and serve as a great way to introduce NFTs in general and promote your for-sale or auction NFTs.

This isn't economically feasible with ETH-based NFTs – a drop to a 10,000 person concert would cost roughly $1.5 million.

Zeromint Minting Time

Near-zero minting Time

Minting time and related transaction processing time impact all aspects of your users' experience on an NFT platform. Additionally, it severely limits how and when you can do large drops, and impromptu events – such as scanning a QR code at retail to mint and receive an NFT.

GoChain Minting Speed Graph

How to work with Zeromint

The process to get started with Zeromint is incredibly simple. We know you’re busy, and this may all be new to you, so we offer a full range of self-service options, or we can offer start-to-finish white glove servicesto build , promote, and deploy anywhere from a single NFT to a multitude of NFT offerings.

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