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Help / FAQ
Zeromint supports all major card brands for all direct purchase NFTs, including: American Express, Discover, Diners, Mastercard, and VISA. Please note, there is a mandatory 90 day hold on any NFTs purchased via credit card to ensure user authorization and safety. You'll be able to see your assets in your Zeromint account, but will be unable to transfer outside the platform until 90 days after purchase. Zeromint also supports GoChain (GO) or Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency. Auctions are currently limited to crypto only bids.
You can view your collection of NFTs by clicking 'View Profile' (your profile image) at the top right of Zeromint.
When you are viewing an NFT you've purchased, at the bottom of the page you'll see 'Contract Details' simply click on the Token ID hyperlink and you'll open a new page with your NFT on the GoChain blockchain explorer.
Yes. If you try to purchase an NFT you'll be prompted to sign in. Zeromint uses Google and Apple single-sign-on (SSO) to make it easy and secure to use the platform.
You can transfer your NFT to a GoChain wallet such as Metamask, MEW, or TrustWallet. Simply view the NFT in your collection and use the 'Transfer' button to enter your wallet address. Please be sure to enter your correct address, this process cannot be undone.
Due to the immutable nature of NFTs, refunds are not possible. If you believe you have special circumstances, you can contact us at

For more help, please visit the Zeromint Help Center.